New Year, New Site

Hello Everyone!

    Between starting classes as a major, getting settled into my new apartment and starting a new job, I kinda fell off the wagon with this whole blog thing.  I got so caught up in working on things I forgot to make posts about it!  The new year also brings me a new schedule, and a significantly less hectic one this semester so I have made it my resolution to keep this site updated on a regular basis, starting with uploading photos of the work I made this past fall.  I have a plethora of new cups, and even some slip cast work to photograph, and starting next week I'll be making table settings, and books as well!  I am very excited about my new classes and can't wait to share the resulting projects with everyone!

Homemade pop tarts are the best...

I ate dinner at my favorite restaurant in Somersworth NH, a place called Leaven. I eat there quite a bit, their menu is always spectacular and they like to change things up to keep it fresh. They always have a great draught selection, and a lot of other bottle options. They have also recently expanded on their wine list as well. Its an extremely fun and laid back atmosphere and the service is always phenomenal. Tonight's special to go along with their Game Night event, was homemade pop tarts. I ordered chocolate fudge, my mother had the cinnamon brown sugar. Both are amazing. Leaven is always so amazing I thought it was high time I made an official post about them. :-) 


Lake Time

Hello Everyone!

     It's been a fairly uneventful summer so far, just getting things together to hopefully move into my new apartment soon.  For now, I'm spending the week with family on the beautiful Lake Champlain and looking for some new inspirations.  There is going to be some furniture painting in the near future, so I'll have a post with how all that turns out.  I did get a FitBit, and I've been doing pretty well with it so far, I only missed my step goal once because there was a pretty big rainstorm when I normally go on my walk.  I'll probably post major accomplishments on that front on my Inspirations page, trying to keep myself excited about exercise.  

Finally Found Foxes, and Other Fantastically Fun Forms!

Hello Everyone!

   It has finally happened, Foxtail Studios has photographs of an actual fox!  I took a trip up to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray today to use a photo pass that was an incredibly thoughtful Christmas gift from my brother.  I got some nice shots of the red fox, I photographed and fed the bears, and pet the mountain lion!  It turned out to be a pretty great day considering it was a rainy, grey, ol' Monday.  I had lunch with my parents at Duckfat restaurant in Portland, you should all go and get the poutine, trust me.  I also discovered that Lush finally released their reformulated black eye liner that I have been waiting a year and a half for!   

   I am editing the rest of the photographs now, and they will be uploaded during the next few days.  Check back in to see the bears, moose, and mountain lion!

Cocheco Humane Society Fundraiser!

   Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news!  This coming Sunday, May 31st, I will be setting up my tables at the Cocheco Humane Society fundraising walkathon!  Come check out the vendors, get some food and see some adorable puppies up for adoption.  I'll be there with a lot more of my ceramics work and my photos as well.  I'm thinking of setting up a pet portrait service as well, though nothing has been finalized as of yet.  The event is running from 11am until 2pm on Sunday and the weather is supposed to be wonderful, so come check it out!


   Well, my summer plans came to an early end.  My flight got re-routed through Heathrow airport in London, and they decided to detain me, lock me up in a windowless room over night, and put me on the first flight back to Boston without giving any notice to Ireland at all, despite the fact that I gave them all of the contact information for the family who was supposed to be hosting me.  My hosts had even gotten in touch with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to explain what had happened, and apparently he decided to allow me into Ireland himself, but my information was never passed on from London.  Since I was in English custody, not Irish, there wasn't anything that could be done.  Officials at Heathrow told me that the Irish government had decided to deny me access to the country, and I had no right to make an appeal.  When I spoke with my host family upon my return home, they said that according to their contacts, Ireland was never called at all.  They were waiting to take me into custody upon my arrival in Dublin, but Heathrow never allowed me through.  All of that, over a simple misunderstanding of visa requirements due to the very misleading information on the Irish immigration website.  Dublin had actually cleared me and I was to be issued an au pair visa when I arrived, but London never bothered to check.  I cannot even begin to describe how angry I am over this.  I wasn't even reimbursed for my airfare.   

Square Register

Hello everyone!  I hope you like what you see, and if you would like to make any purchases, please go to the Square sales page.  I have a Square credit card reader and an account, so I run my sales through them rather than the company offered through this domain host.  I apologize for any inconvenience!  

Summer Plans!

   I am extremely excited to be able to say, I will be flying to Ireland next week to spend the summer!!!  I have always loved travel, it is one of my main motivators in life and I am so thankful for this opportunity!  Most of the work I put up while I am there will probably be photographic, but you never know what I'll be up to.  I look forward to sharing the adventure with everyone!