Finally Found Foxes, and Other Fantastically Fun Forms!

Hello Everyone!

   It has finally happened, Foxtail Studios has photographs of an actual fox!  I took a trip up to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray today to use a photo pass that was an incredibly thoughtful Christmas gift from my brother.  I got some nice shots of the red fox, I photographed and fed the bears, and pet the mountain lion!  It turned out to be a pretty great day considering it was a rainy, grey, ol' Monday.  I had lunch with my parents at Duckfat restaurant in Portland, you should all go and get the poutine, trust me.  I also discovered that Lush finally released their reformulated black eye liner that I have been waiting a year and a half for!   

   I am editing the rest of the photographs now, and they will be uploaded during the next few days.  Check back in to see the bears, moose, and mountain lion!